Skin Tightening

As the natural aging process takes place, our skin can wrinkle, stretch and develop blemishes, along with many other cosmetic changes. With modern technology and proven techniques, these effects can be minimized, resulting in more youthful looking skin.

Skin Tightening can remove wrinkles around the eyes; tighten the skin on the face to give it a 'lifting' effect; remove lines and wrinkles above the brow; and tighten the skin on the neck. 


Cellulite Removal

Essentially, treatments can be provided wherever cellulite is visible. The most common areas for women are the legs, buttocks, and abdominal area.

Unlike liposuction, treating areas with cellulite using non-invasive lasers does not require down time for recovery.  

Cellulite simply refers to the concentration of fat cells beneath the skin. It's a normal and common occurrence in many women. Although it is not a medical condition and is not itself necessarily harmfully to the body, many people wish to avoid it's onset.

With cosmetic laser treatments, the concentrated fat cells can be broken up, which causes the skin above to be smooth rather than dimpled. 


Tattoo Removal

While tattoos continue to grow as a form of body art, so to does the desire to remove them.

Fortunately, technology has advanced very quickly and removing a tattoo comes with minimal side effects. 

Essentially, the pigment colors of the tattoo are broken up using a high-intensity light beam.

Each patient will be evaluated based on their skin and tolerance to pain. The process will require multiple visits, which minimizes the amount of skin irritation per treatment session.


Laser Hair Removal

As as alternative to shaving or waxing, and increasing number of people are instead choosing to treat areas with lasers.

Laser hair removal uses intense pulsed light (IPL) to reach and heat up the follicle of each hair. With the damage caused to the root of the hair, future growth is inhibited. 

It will take numerous visits to remove the hair in the desired area as well as periodic maintenance sessions.