Hydra All in One Facial/Hands Off


Hydra All in One Facial/Hands Off


All in one facial:

Cold light ( Cold has immediate effects on face)

Accelerates cell growth,cell activity,activates collagen.

Activates collagen, skin rejuvenation, stimulates & produces collagen & elastin

diminishes scars & wrinkles

shrinks pores

removes sun damage, removes Acne, removes acne scars,removes dark circles under eyes, removes puffy eyes,removes freckles,tightens skin and facial lift.

Oxygen infusion: Penetrates deep into epidermis, improves elasticity, creates facial firmness,removes fine lines & wrinkles.Oxygen therapy is now used in place of Old fashion facials. Removes blackheads, improves dull skin, shrinks pores, enhances skin cells, Anti oxidant protection.

Dermabrasion by water & Oxygen: Exfoliates skin, hydrates skin,enhance reproduction of new cell activity.

Facial scrub: Improves blood circulation, removes toxins, improves skin tone & color, removes dark spots and dark circles.

Microdermabrasion: Exfoliates, produces new skin cell activity

Microcurrent-( Facial by machine) Face light, reduces aging, improves skin tone, enhances skin elasticity.

PDET: Rejuvenates skin, reduces pores, removes scars, sun damage, laser burn removal,wrinkle & spider vein removal, Acne, Acne scars,Blackheads, pores.

H20 skin peel

Vacuum derm abrasion

Micro current

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