Glam Tattoo Plus

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Glam Tattoo Plus


The Glam Tattoo Plus machine adds the final set of services to your treatment offerings. By providing tattoo removal services, you'll become a one-stop-shop for laser treatments. It's compact size allows you to take your business straight to the customer. 


  • Removes tattoos in all areas, including:
    • Eyebrows, eye line, lip line, eyelid
  • Removes freckles, superficial and deeper speckles,age pigments, etc.
  • Treats skin lesions of blood vessels, hemangioma, red blood streaks, etc.
  • Hair removal for dark and light skin


  • Color touch screen
  • Water flow and temperature monitor
  • Infrared aiming
  • Multiple language options
  • Anti-vibration
  • Anti-swing
  • Anti-interference

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